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Welcome to Bella's Blog! We are happy you're here!

Bella Boutique always has new and exciting things to share and we think a blog is a great way to keep all of our students, parents, teachers, volunteers, donors, and overall supporters in the loop on all of the behind the scenes fun. All of the board members will be contributing to the blog on a variety of topics including planning for prom/homecoming season, Bella in the community, local partnerships, and easy ways to support Bella Boutique!

The Bella Boutique Board Members are strong, influential ladies who are passionate about what we do. The current board consists of:

  • Katie McDermott, President

  • Sally Shaughnessy, VP, Operations

  • Starr Nienaber, VP, Program

  • Beth Billingsley, VP, Marketing

  • Jenn Dodson, VP, Finance

  • Amy Hunter, VP, Events

  • Kayla Dryer, VP, Grants

  • Ashely Sheehan, Board Member at Large

  • Imani Williams, Committee Member

If you have any questions or are interested in being more involved with Bella, please reach out to

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