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Do you like pizza?

From November 3rd to December 3rd, Bella Boutique, the non-profit I volunteer for, is partnering with Little Caesars Pizza to sell Pizza Kits to raise money! Our goal is to raise $1,000 by selling these pizza kits. Not only is it super easy to join the fun, but it is also a perfect COVID-friendly, night-in option for the whole family!

What is a Pizza Kit?

Little Caesars offers 4 different types of make-at-home pizza kits for you to choose from including thin crust, personal sized kits, and family sized cheese and pepperoni. And if that isn’t enough, they also have the option to make their world famous Crazy Bread sticks or Italian cheese bread! The best part of all of this though, is that these pizza kits get shipped directly to your door, so anybody anywhere can have one!

These pizza kits are perfect for families of all ages to enjoy, for a date-night in, or even just a movie night in for yourself. Because these kits are being delivered directly to your home by FedEx, you can give them as a gift to family and friends all across the country, who you may not get to see right now, and plan for a Zoom call pizza night!

The prices for the kits range from $18.49 to $20.49 and Bella Boutique gets a whole $6 out of every kit sold!

To purchase a kit and help support Bella Boutique, click the link here!

***Now, if buying pizza’s just isn’t enough for you and you would REALLY like to help Bella Boutique, you can become a Bella Seller and sell Pizza Kits to friends and family!***

What does being a Bella Seller look like?

You will have a personalized link to your Little Caesars Seller page. From there, friends and family can purchase their kits directly through you. The more people that buy their kits through you, the higher chance you have of winning some awesome prizes. That’s all it is!

How do I become a Bella Seller?

If you choose to become a Bella Seller, you will follow this link to create your very own Seller page.

There, you can customize your page, upload a video, create an avatar, and watch how many pizza kits you’ve sold. You’ll get your own special link to send to your friends and family so they can buy delicious pizza kits and in turn, support Bella Boutique. You can even post that link on your social media pages! As the sellers sell their kits, we at Bella will be keeping track of who is selling the most. When the fundraiser ends on December 3rd, we will go through and send out prizes!

Fundraising Prizes

For 10 or more kits sold, you will receive a $10.00 gift card to King Soopers, Amazon, or Starbucks

For 25 or more kits sold, you will receive an exclusive “Bella Boutique Volunteer” shirt

For 50 or more kits sold, you will receive an exclusive “Bella Boutique” hoodie

And for our overall top seller….A Surprise Gift basket with over $100 worth of gifts, including a $25 gift card to Scheels!

How does this help Bella?

Bella Boutique is funded solely off of donations, so by purchasing a pizza and having a night in or gifting a pizza kit to friends or family, or by selling pizzas to loved ones across the country, in turn donating $6 per kit, you are helping to ensure we can continue on with our mission to provide formal wear to teens who cannot afford it themselves. Bella is eager and ready to get back working with our teens as soon as it is safe to do so. By participating in this fundraiser, you are ensuring that we will be fully prepared to help all those who come through our doors.

Thank you all for supporting and believing in Bella, now… Let’s go have some pizza!

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